“I neither want to prove anything nor state anything”
-Rogier Bissiere-

“The only thing I want to portray is personal experience of color and space”
–Yo Bwan Tjong-

Name: Etienne Berenos
Born: Mundo-Nobo, Curaçao N.A.

1963-1966 Cultural Center Suriname (C.C.S.)
1966-1969 Academy of Fine/Visual Arts, Rotterdam
1969-1971 Royal Academy of Arts , 's-Gravenhage

Teaching posts
1971-1973 + 1985-1999 Secondary Education
Curaçao Academy of Arts, Willemstad, Curaçao

1971, Royal Academy of Art, 's-Gravenhage
spacial work in grey and yellow

1965, Cultural Center Suriname,
sculpting class by Jaap Gutterswijk